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Connect with other NeueHouse members, RSVP to special events and access perks using the NeueHouse app.
Mobile Developer

A private community for entrepreneurs and creators to gather, work and connect.

A home for the creative and the curious, NeueHouse is a private community of leading entrepreneurs and creative teams. Members are offered experiences, coworking spaces, personalized services and opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations.

Located in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, NeueHouse is a global home for innovators in film, design, fashion, branding, architecture and the arts. You can learn more on the NeueHouse website.

The NeueHouse App allows users to find, connect and message other members, RSVP to special events, access perks and much more.

I built this app as part of the GetPpl platform, a customizable mobile-first platform for private clubs, associations, and networks to engage and connect with their members.
I developed the app as a native iOS app, written in the Swift programming language.

I used Firebase for most of the user-based features, such as storing and retrieving member information, connecting with other members and searching for them in the directory based on different filters.

I also used Firebase as the backend for the messaging section of the app and to add some security rules for the app.

For content management, I used Contentful to let the NeueHouse staff create the content that appears in the app, such as the perks and the events that the users can RSVP to.

Finally, to track important metrics about the app and send important notifications and emails to users, I used Mixpanel and Google Analytics.


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