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FYFE Beauty

The all-in-one beauty app that brings you video tutorials from industry icons and allows you to shop their favorite products, all in a seamless experience.
Lead Developer

Video tutorials and exclusive products from the beauty industry's biggest names

FYFE brings video tutorials from the beauty industry’s biggest icons, most talented artists, and most brilliant up-and-comers together in an easy-to-use experience that also lets you shop their favorite tools and products—without even pressing pause.

Created by legendary makeup artist and jewelry designer Jillian Dempsey, FYFE puts the skills you need and the products you want right at your fingertips. Every high-resolution video features pinch zoom functionality, so you can get up close and view your favorite artists’ every move. When you see a product you want or a must-have tool you never knew existed, tap SHOP THE VIDEO to keep the tutorial playing while you explore and add new shades to your cart.

With new artists, tutorials, and products added every month, FYFE is an everchanging landscape of the absolute best in beauty—plus you have your own space to save your favorite tutorials and products.

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I developed the app as a native iOS app, written in the Swift programming language.

I used Firebase, a backend cloud computing service, to store and retrieve user information, as well as for the app's security rules.

For content management, I used Contentful to let admins and makeup artists create and update the dynamic content of the app. This includes the app's video tutorials, the makeup artists' information, the blog posts, the products and the personalized notes for the users.

To purchase products, I integrated the Shopify plugin into the app to let users pay with Apple Pay or with their credit card.

We also built a custom backend for added functionality, such as syncing the products between Contentful and Shopify.

For messaging, I connected a service called Smooch with Zendesk. This way, users can use the in-app messaging system to communicate with makeup artists using Smooch, who can in turn respond to users using the Zendesk app.

Finally, to track important metrics about the app and send important notifications and emails to users, I've used Mixpanel and Google Analytics.


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