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Use ChatGPT or other LLMs to chat with your company's data

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Chat with Your
Chat with Your
Chat with Document
Chat with Document
Create Custom Chatbot
Create Custom Chatbot
Custom Chatbots
Custom Chatbots
Create Knowledge Base
Create Knowledge Base

Power your company's knowledge base with state-of-the-art Large language models

Transform your document management with this state-of-the-art document retrieval template.

The original version of this template was created by Misbah Syed, a renowned developer and educator in the AI field. Misbah's expertise is widely recognized and praised by many leading figures in the industry, including the CEO of LangChain. We highly recommend checking out his Generative AI agency, Menlo Park Lab, and delving into the wealth of knowledge available on his YouTube Channel.

Key Features:

• ChatGPT & LLM Integration: Engage in natural conversations with your documents or websites using ChatGPT or any large language model of your choice.
• Customizable Chatbots: Upload various documents and websites to create a comprehensive knowledge-base chatbot tailored for your business needs.
• Platform Embedding: Seamlessly integrate your chatbots into other platforms to broaden your digital presence.
• Summarizer Tool: Quickly grasp the essence of your documents with our efficient summarization tool.
• Monetization Options: Utilize integrated Stripe membership plans to turn your app into a revenue stream.Monetization Options: Utilize integrated Stripe membership plans to turn your app into a revenue stream.

Explore a new dimension of interaction and value extraction with your business data, all at your fingertips.

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Chat interface

The source of your chat can be a document, a website or you can create a knowledge-base composed of as many documents and websites as you want. You can then embed the chatbot you've created in any other website or app.

Create a custom chatbot

To create a standard chatbot, you can choose multiple document formats and even include a website as your source.

Create a knowledge-base bot

Create a complete knowledge-base bot by including all your company's documents and websites as your data.

View your chatbots and knowledge-base bots

Access and edit all your chatbots and knowledge-base bots. You can also access our summarizer tool to summarize your documents.


A SaaS template for your business

Chat with documents

Use ChatGPT or any other LLM to chat with your data.


Upload multiple documents and websites to create a knowledge-base bot for your company.

Embed chatbots

Embed your created chatbots on other websites or apps

Generate summaries

Generate summaries of your documents

Webpage interaction

As well as documents, your chatbots can interact with webpages as well.

User authentication

Seamless sign-in process to ensure user authentication before proceeding to app.

Pricing Plans

If needed, the app can be transformed to a SaaS app using our Stripe memberships integration


All of your data is saved on our secure platform. You can delete your data anytime, which removes all of the documents and chats from our app.


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